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Sunsets and Well Loved Quilts

Hello, hello!! 

I cannot believe October is here! I feel like September flew past, but so did the rest of the year. Goodness.
I haven’t had much to show recently because life has gotten a tad busy, but stay tuned. This week I’m leaving town for a little, long weekend and there will be sewing! You won’t want to miss it.
I have pulled fabrics for my next quilt (before finishing my last… tell me I’m not alone in this?). I have loosely used Oklahoma sunsets and sunrises as my guide.
I’m up early for work.  When I time it just right, I get to see some spectacular sunrises as I wait to turn out of our neighborhood.  They always make the wait to turn out worth it as our neighborhood is off of a two lane road that is getting busier by the day.
At the same time, I get to enjoy amazingly orchestrated sunrises fairly often. They never disappoint.
For quite awhile, I’ve wanted a quilt to showcase these colors. Although I’ve decided to make this one loosely resemble the sunsets and sunrises, I’m sure I will play with these colors more in the future. They are just too astounding to pass up or only tackle once in a lifetime.
I don’t have many projects to share today, but I do have a clean house that was long overdue ;).
I’m Kentucky bound at the end of the week but my machine is getting packed! I cannot wait to share the trip and hopefully a stop at my favorite little quilt store. For now, I will enjoy movie night with a well loved rag quilt and two of my favorite pups.
See you at the machine,

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