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8 + 2 + 1 = ?

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A Quilter’s Stocking Stuffer Guide

 Christmas is FOUR days away! 

Have you finished your shopping? What about wrapping?

Our shopping is almost finished, but I haven’t even started wrapping anything. I did, however, make it to the post office today to send a few things. 

This year has flown by and I kept thinking we had more time. Now, Christmas is here and I am frantically trying to wrap things up at work, for the shop, gifts… pretty much everything.


Growing up my mom always had cookie decorating parties, and this was my first year to host a party. I gathered a group of the sweetest ladies, made over 100 cookies, and even cleaned the house a little.


We had a blast. 

As I was thinking over the past few days, I thought I would share my last minute, go-to quilter’s gifts. These are tried and true, things I love, and things I have even used for Christmas gifts in the past. Although this list could be miles long, I am going to focus on my top five favorite stocking stuffer gifts.


  • First on my list are these scissors.  They are perfect for cutting little threads that always appear out of nowhere. I have several pairs and I never sew without them. 

  • Secondly, these clips are life savers. Okay, they might not be able to save a life but they are great at saving your fingers from holding the binding down as you sew your binding on. 


  • Another great go-to gift are these seam allowance bumpers. I always need bumpers when I go bowling, and sewing is no exception. Ever since I put one on each of my machines, I have been able to hold a true scant-quarter inch seam and my points finally turn out perfectly pointed.  I also use this seam allowance guide to make sure my bumpers get placed in just the right spot. 


  • This seam ripper is another one of my favorite things. I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I have many dates with my seam ripper so I want it to be durable, sharp, and easy to use. 


  • Best Press is another must have. I like the unscented option the most. If I had to pick another scent it would be the lavender, the other options are just too strong for my liking. This product is extremely helpful when pressing blocks and helps them to hold their shape. It is a great starch alternative for quilting. 


If I were to continue sharing, quilt rulers, a great iron, an extension table for your machine, and quilt patterns would follow. Some of these are larger/more expensive items, but also make sewing more pleasant in my opinion. 

Knick-knacks are not required for sewing. I know friends who only have a machine and a pair of scissors and are able to create masterpieces. I also know friends who have every ruler and magic tool ever created and they make the same level products. As long as you enjoy whatever you use, that is all that matters. You do not need the next fancy thing on the market, sometimes it just provides a shortcut or a more enjoyable way to make something. 


I hope you enjoy your holidays. I need this little one to wake up and get to wrapping… 


See you at the machine,


44 days until our Grand Opening.

{I am not affiliated with any product or link mentioned above. I am just sharing what I like to use.}

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Sunsets and Well Loved Quilts

Hello, hello!! 

I cannot believe October is here! I feel like September flew past, but so did the rest of the year. Goodness.
I haven’t had much to show recently because life has gotten a tad busy, but stay tuned. This week I’m leaving town for a little, long weekend and there will be sewing! You won’t want to miss it.
I have pulled fabrics for my next quilt (before finishing my last… tell me I’m not alone in this?). I have loosely used Oklahoma sunsets and sunrises as my guide.
I’m up early for work.  When I time it just right, I get to see some spectacular sunrises as I wait to turn out of our neighborhood.  They always make the wait to turn out worth it as our neighborhood is off of a two lane road that is getting busier by the day.
At the same time, I get to enjoy amazingly orchestrated sunrises fairly often. They never disappoint.
For quite awhile, I’ve wanted a quilt to showcase these colors. Although I’ve decided to make this one loosely resemble the sunsets and sunrises, I’m sure I will play with these colors more in the future. They are just too astounding to pass up or only tackle once in a lifetime.
I don’t have many projects to share today, but I do have a clean house that was long overdue ;).
I’m Kentucky bound at the end of the week but my machine is getting packed! I cannot wait to share the trip and hopefully a stop at my favorite little quilt store. For now, I will enjoy movie night with a well loved rag quilt and two of my favorite pups.
See you at the machine,