We all have that one nickname from childhood that never went away; Care Bear would be mine and I still respond to it.  As time went on, this name was shortened to Care.  Friends, family, strangers I’ve barely met quickly refer to me as Care.  I like it.

Care by definition means “the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something” as a noun or “[to] feel concern or interest; attach importance to something” as a verb.  Both of these definitions apply to quilting.  A finished quilt provides protection to the person (or animal) lying under it, it provides health and warmth, and it needs maintenance to complete and upkeep correctly.  On the other hand, quilting provides health to the quilter.  How many quilters would be insane without their hobby (Okay, so maybe some of us are still insane…) So many of us run to quilting as a way to express ourselves, find ourselves, and enjoy ourselves.  Quilting provides life to quilters- both young and old. Quilting is necessary.

 The word care is also a verb.  Many people, myself included, attach importance to, or care for quilting, friends, family, and so much more.  I commonly tell people that I care for them, they matter.  Caring for others is vital; it is what makes me happy and brings me joy.  Quilting is one way I show others that I care for them and I cannot wait to share that with you.

So, although I have decided to call this gathering merely “Quilting with Care”, it means so much more than a simple definition- we are quilting together, sharing our life, and caring for each other along the way.  Oh, and you’re also quilting with Care (me)!

Wind those bobbins, dig out some fabric, and let’s get those machines humming!


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