September-Quilt Among Friends

September. It was a month we knew would be filled with working late and waking early, deadlines around every bend, and more celebrations than we could count. We participated in our first shop hop. It was spectacular, but I will have to write again to fill you in on those details, because right now I cannot contain myself from sharing about an event that happened the day after the shop hop ended. On September 10th Quilter’s Hideaway hosted our first charter bus. We greeted almost 60 quilters from Arlington, TX.

We had a blast. Preparations were made months earlier. We worked with The Rolling Pin to serve for lunch. We wanted to offer them a little taste of Bartlesville and stay local. We also served Tracy’s famous pasta salad. At the end of the day only three sandwiches remained, so I would say it was a hit. Thank you, thank you to The Rolling Pin!
Knowing how many quilters we were going to have walk through the door and knowing their schedule we had to call in backup. We were blessed with great help and, thankfully, we were able to keep everyone on schedule. It was amazing! Thank you to all of the ladies who stepped up to help us out, and also to Dalton!
Arlington quilters/Quilt Among Friends, you are welcome anytime! We thoroughly enjoyed helping you, and getting to share laughs with each of you. Sew on my friends, hope to see you again!
See you at the machine,

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