Ramblings From Our First Show

Alright. I’m fully aware that it has been a few months since I’ve been able to write anything. This is both good and bad. Good, because we’ve been busy at the shop.  I have fully enjoyed meeting each of our customers and working on so many quilts. Bad, because I love writing and I miss you terribly. So, with that said, I’m going to try to do better but I make no promises.
This past weekend (actually, it was two weekends ago), Quilter’s Hideaway went to its first show. We spent weeks cutting fabric, making quilts, trying to be prepared. We had all sorts of helpers helping and sweet friends making sample quilts at the last minute. I think it turned into a great show. Jubilee Quilt Guild of Bartlesville did a wonderful job. 

This is our almost-finished booth.

Somewhere in that process I also committed to providing a demo of my choice. I’m so thankful that I did not think twice when I made this decision, because my second thought was “absolutely not”. I was quieter than quiet in high school, college wasn’t much different, and I DREADED every speech in my Public Speaking class. (I’m also very thankful for that class. I now realize every “Umm” that I say… and it’s a popular word in my vocabulary). However, I was committed and not backing down from this challenge. 

Sprinkles by JAYBIRD QUILTS. {This is where my Sidekick journey began}

I had recently helped a lady complete a quilt using the JAYBIRD QUILTS Sidekick ruler. I was in love. I’m not a knickknack sewer. I try to use different things around my house instead of buying a new gadget, but I was sold on this ruler. Timing was everything, because this gave me a direction for the demo. 

Trail Mix by JAYBIRD QUILTS. {unfinished}

Finally, with a plan in mind I was able to prepare. I watched videos on the Sidekick ruler, videos on how to avoid saying “Umm” and made several quilts using the ruler. I thought, “If the demo goes downhill, I will just show pretty quilts.” 🙂 


My most favorite part about the Sidekick, Super Sidekick, and the Hex N More is that there are no Y seams. I’ll repeat that just in case…. THERE ARE NO Y SEAMS!! It is amazing, and brilliant. 

Night Sky by JAYBIRD QUILTS {My Favorite}

I could not recommend a ruler or Jaybird Quilts more. Her patterns are spectacular too. Detailed, colored pictures are shown at each step and each cut. Then, she breaks down exactly how to assemble the rows to avoid Y seams. 

Cinnamon Bun by JAYBIRD QUILTS

I’m not saying my demo was perfect. It was actually far from that. Mistakes were made, but the first demo and show are both done and I’m ready for the next. 
See you at the machine, 


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