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Sew Nights and Design Walls

When my mom and I made the decision to open Quilter’s Hideaway, we knew we wanted a way to bring people together. We immediately knew we wanted some form of a sew night where people with different experience and projects could come together to learn from one another, create a community, and encourage each other throughout their projects. 

Our Open Sew Nights every Thursday, have slowly molded into this. Although I cannot be at every one (I’m still working fulltime in Tulsa), I receive pictures, and it makes me want to be there every week. 

There have been many finished projects throughout our short, two months of being open, many newbies have learned tricks, and friendships have been made around our tables. I’ve learned more about embroidery and so many other things, I’ve seen others teaching how to chain-piece, everyone has a home at Quilter’s Hideaway.

The other thing I love about sew night, is that our design wall is always covered in so many different quilts as people work to find a layout they are happy with. Occasionally I’ll even get FaceTime to give my opinion, or someone will leave a quilt up for a few days to play with until they are happy.  My favorite saying when a quilt is on the wall is, “Can I play?”  Everyone sees quilts so differently, and I love this. 

Everyone has been on a log cabin “kick” recently using our new rulers and upcoming class, but every single quilt has been vastly different. Other than the actual block, the quilts are unrecognizable as the same pattern. 

If you are on the fence, or want to surround yourself with funny, encouraging, helpful people, think about coming to our next Open Sew Night. It happens every Thursday. Come when you’re free and stay until the seam rippers come out. Usually the crowd starts forming after 4pm and we shut the party down between 8:30 and 9. 

I’ve seen knitting, embroidery, paper piecing, chatting, quilt layout, laughing, pressing, and so much more happening during our Open Sew nights.

See you at the machine,


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Quilter’s Hideaway

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A Magic Ruler and My Favorite Block


Hey there!

The past several days we have been working with The Magic Triangle Ruler by Cindy Casciato to make different blocks using a Charm Pack. Today I will share the last block I used to make my charm pack quilt, but this is not the last block the ruler can make. It can make many, many different blocks- the possibilities are endless.

I hope by sharing the last few blocks you have gotten a taste of how fun this find is.


If you think you might want to make these blocks, hop on over to Cindy Casciato’s shop and take a look. You will not be disappointed.

Now, I challenge you to come up with a quilt using a charm pack- or two. I always love picking out charm packs, but I rarely use them in a quilt. Occasionally I have taken one or two blocks for applique work. Now I am hoping I will use them more frequently. After all, my stash wouldn’t notice a few missing. What is your favorite quilt that uses a charm pack?


See you at the machine,



{Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any products shown or used in this blog. I am just sharing what I love.}

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The Magic Ruler Strikes Again

Hello! Hello! How was your weekend?


We have been working through different blocks a ruler I was shown recently can make. I decided to use a charm pack and make a quilt using these blocks.



As you can see, this ruler really is magic.  Cindy Casciato is the master mind behind it and you can purchase it here in her shop.

I just love how this block comes together.  The squares always have a great point and making it with a stripe pattern really show it off.


To see the other blocks we have been creating, you can visit them here and here.

We almost have an entire quilt pieced.  Tomorrow I will share the last block and then how I put them together.  Check back soon to see a fun quilt using a charm pack and this magic ruler. It is pretty cute if I do say so myself. 🙂


See you at the machine,





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The Geese are Flying with this Magic Ruler

Earlier this week I introduced you all to this magical ruler, and today I’m going to show you another block it can create. 

 Cindy Casciato- the creator of this ruler- is amazing! She came up with this wonderful tool and has exceptional instruction pages to guide you on exactly what size square you need to start with and has reference sheets available for purchase in her shop


Since she has done such a great job creating these, I will not share what size block you need to start with in order to obtain a certain finished block. I am merely showing you the fabulous blocks that can be created using The Magic Triangle Tool. 

 In my opinion, anything that allows me to make blocks with properly, pointed points and keeps me from having to fight with 1/8” (or really, anything under a half inch) is a game changer! This tool is completely worth it. 

How about a few Flying Geese to start the day?   

See you at the machine,





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Fabulous, Fun Find (A Magic Ruler)

The first block you can create using this fabulous tool is a half square triangle.

And of course, since I love pinwheels, I made a handy-dandy pinwheel using today’s blocks.


Check back tomorrow to see what other fantastic blocks this magic tool can create.

See you at the machine,


{Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any products shown or mentioned in this post. I am just sharing what I love.}