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A Race to the Finish Line

We made it to Friday! That means we only have ONE more day in our WIP Challenge.IMG_1660

Time to burn the midnight oil to finish up these WIPs before this challenge ends.

Are you close? Can you see the finish line?

I might be a little bit behind, but I will have this little quilt finished tomorrow.

Get those machines humming and lets cross the finish line together!



See you at the machine,


4 thoughts on “A Race to the Finish Line

  1. Dear Bear. I love your quilt. You finish way more of your projects than I do . I was just so excited that I have the middle row of brothers quilt sewn together.

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  2. Finally finished. 2014 block of the month. I’m going to have to build a design wall. Can I post a picture to this? How do I do that?

    Anyway I feel good that it’s finished it’s beautiful I’m going to give it to my sister.

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