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The J Quilt

Happy Monday!

Since it is Monday, let’s not focus on what needs done but what we have already finished.

Share your favorite finished quilt and a littleIMG_0941 back story about why you did it, how you came up with the idea (if it was an original design) and anything else.  Struggles and all- let’s keep it real.

Recently I had a friend get engaged.  When I asked what their future living room colors would be and what type of decorations they were going for she said NAVY, CREAM, & MODERN.

Navy, cream, and modern–that is what I had in mind as I started designing their wedding quilt.  I also knew her new last name would start with a “J”.  After spending several weeks looking online, sketching ideas, and crumbling up more than I care to share worth of quilt ideas, I settled on TheJQuilt.  Below is one of the first sketches of this quilt.


I had an idea without a plan. This is typically what happens but I was determined to make this quilt come to life.  At first, I thought I would sew the blue J into each strip.  I had calculated how long each strip needed to be, what portion to be navy (The “J” portion), and how many rows it would take.  The more I looked into this option, the more overwhelming it became.  Trying to plan how I would create the curves into each row and line them all up seemed daunting.  I wanted rows of different thicknesses and as scrappy as I could make it.   With this in mind I kept thinking.

Thankfully, I had just taken an applique class at a local quilt shop.  With the different techniques we had learned in mind, I was leaning towards appliqueing a huge J onto a background of sewn strips.  Was this even possible? Keeping the J straight without causing wrinkles or pulling the fabric in different ways, actually drawing the J out how I wanted and cutting without ruining the fabric, and then pinning and sewing down the J carefully and completely to make sure it was a quilt that could be loved on far into the future—yikes!

 And that my friends is a finished quilt. I hope you enjoyed your Monday. Tomorrow is a new day and another day to sneak in some sewing.

See you at the machine,


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